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About us


Institutional Expertise for the Sophisticated Investor

How does one preserve capital when real interest rates are negative and holding cash is one of the surest ways to lose purchasing power? Where can one find yield when “risk-free” assets at near-zero interest rates have become one of the riskiest investments within their portfolio? Everyone is searching for yield but cannot seem to find it without looking to the ever-volatile equity markets. There are several ways to generate yield with less risk than before the financial crisis. It just takes the right team, with the right access, and the right expertise. This capability became the genesis of Garrison Point Capital. Our team has over 30 years of experience advising some of the world’s largest institutional clients on fixed income securities. After the financial crisis in 2008, we redirected our expertise from large institutions to high net worth families. While supervising these families’ assets, we took very little interest rate risk and instead generated attractive returns by finding what we call “asymmetrical yield”… The financial crisis of 2008 created several technical dislocations within the fixed income markets. In classic bond manager form, most investors priced these bonds according to the downside risk of the bond. What we found to be overlooked was the upside potential – particularly in many of the asset-backed asset classes. At GPC, we strive to preserve capital and limit risk through diversification, pricing, and diligent credit analysis, while selecting opportunities where the upside potential has been ignored. This strategy has not only preserved capital for our clients, but it has generated risk-adjusted yields that surpassed most traditional fixed income strategies.



San Francisco Sentry is the ideal partner for Garrison Point Capital, providing the full infrastructure in operations, trade settlement, compliance and technology. This allows the GPC investment team to focus 100% of our time on our clients, whose interests are at the forefront of our priorities. SF Sentry is also the designated broker/ dealer for GPC and is affiliated with some of San Francisco’s leading families. For more information on SF Sentry, please visit www.sfsentry.com.